Parents Be Warned: Bounce Houses Pose Lead Hazards to Kids!

That’s right, those big, friendly bounce houses that kids (and even some adults) commonly use at birthday parties and events post serious threats to children’s health.

Today, the Center for Environmental Health is announcing our lawsuit to stop a new hidden lead poisoning threat to children. CEH’s investigation of lead in bouncehouses found that these inflatable jumpers can contain more than 70 times the federal limit for lead in children’s products under the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act. Independent testing commissioned by CEH also showed that lead from bounce houses can expose children to the toxic chemical at levels that violate California law.

These findings have prompted lawsuits filed today by CEH and the California Attorney General and against leading makers, distributors and suppliers of bounce houses (also called jump houses or inflatable jumpers).

Please check the CEH website for more information, and check back for continued updates on CEH’s work on the lead threats of bounce houses.