Wherever you are working, your indoor furnishings affect your air quality and impact your health. Furniture and flooring products often contain a host of toxic chemicals, affecting not only you–the user–but also those involved in manufacturing, maintenance and disposal of these products. But healthier products are available!


  • Procurement and supply chain staff
  • Sustainability leaders
  • Architects and designers
  • Green teams
  • Other interested individuals

Topics covered:

  • GreenScreen Certified Standard for Furniture and Textiles
  • Getting Real About Reuse: San Francisco International Airport Case Study
  • Health and environmental concerns of chemicals used in carpet, resilient flooring and furniture
  • Market availability of healthier, more sustainable products
  • Tools and resources to help you select healthier options
  • Health-protective product specifications and standards
  • How to earn LEED and other credits by transitioning to healthier products
  • Lessons and considerations


  • Suzanne Drake, Senior Designer, Revel
  • Kriss Kokoefer, President, Kay Chesterfield
  • Judy Levin, Built Environment Program Director, CEH
  • Sarah Packer, Built Environment Program Manager, CEH

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