CEH at the SF Green Festival

Last weekend, CEH joined the ranks of inspiring eco-friendly organizations and companies at another successful SF Green Festival. Check out photos and quotes from CEH at SF Green Festival!

“I personally had two favorite types of festival-goers,” CEH staffer Erica Petrofsky reflected.  “One type was the existing CEH supporter: people who came up to our booth with big smiles on their faces, saying, “I love you guys!”  It was fun catching them up on CEH’s latest news, because they were really interested and had a lot of knowledge already.  My other favorite type of festival-goer was the people who didn’t already know of CEH or know much about environmental health in general.  I felt like I was making a difference each time I watched awareness of environmental health problems and the amazing solutions CEH finds dawn on a new person’s face.”

CEH at SF Green Festival

CEH staffers ready to test Greenfest goers’ items for lead!

At the festival, CEH staffers offered free lead testing for people’s purses, shoes, toys, belts and bags.  We also offered festival-goers handy tips sheets and facts about how to protect themselves from toxics exposure in their everyday lives.

CEH’s Executive Director Michael Green, along with CEH’s Christine Cordero were speakers at breakout sessions during the conference. They spoke about how parents and families alike could become “toxic avengers” and join the superhero team fighting to stop toxic trickery.

Another CEH staffer, Maggie Young said, “Those who weren’t familiar with CEH seemed intrigued and enthused upon learning more about us. It was exciting to represent CEH and share my enthusiasm for our work.”

CEHers were happy to see so many friends and allies and meet so many new people in the community who were interested in CEH’s work.

CEH at SF Green Festival

CEH and some of our mini fans

“It was great to connect with the community and share the story of our organization,” –Ryan Nestle