Soup is Good Food

Ali’s blog on seasonal food got me thinking.

It also got me hungry.

So I pulled out my seasonal food wheel and wondered what would I recommend to people in this time of root vegetables. Well before you cast them aside as spring comes and with it abundance in fresh, fruits and vegetables, here is one stocky soup worth trying.  If you are like me, you spend months craving for fresh figs, heirloom tomatoes and squash blossoms but I do think with the right use of this recipe, you’ll spend the summer months with a hankering for winter cauliflower.

Broccoli Soup with a blue cheese, cauliflower & garlic kiss***

*special note, broccoli are interchangeable.

** vegans can skip the kiss or try soy, which I’ve never done here

1 large head broccoli

2 small golden potatoes, chopped

1 small onion

1 clove of garlic

3 cups vegetable stock

1 TBsp Olive Oil


½ head or small head of cauliflower

3 cloves garlic

1 cup milk

4 ounce blue cheese

1 TBsp butter

In a medium size pot, let the olive oil, garlic and onion coat the bottom and stir until lightly golden.

Throw in the potatoes, keep stirring.

Throw in the broccoli, let simmer.

Add dashes of salt and pepper and stir in 2 cups of vegetable stock.

When broccoli is firm but easily pierced by a fork throw in blender.

Blend for 2-3 minutes and throw back in pot.

Warm 1 TB spoon of butter in a small pot, sautee 3 cloves of chopped garlic, add cauliflower, toss cauliflower with garlic until cauliflower softens.

Add 1 cup of milk until cauliflower is easily pierced by a fork.

Throw in blender, then add blue cheese.

Ladle Broccoli Soup in bowl then spoon 1-2 Table spoons of Cauliflower Kiss into the Middle of the Broccoli Soup and serve.

Serves 4 people.