Speaking Truth on Toxic Flame Retardant Chemicals

Last week, CEH staff testified at a hearing of the California State Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee. The Committee met to learn about toxic flame retardant chemicals used by many furniture and baby products makers for compliance to California’s flammability standard. Last month, Governor Jerry Brown called for a revision of that standard to eliminate reliance on these harmful and unnecessary chemicals, which studies have linked to lower IQs, reduced fertility, hormonal changes, reproductive harm, among other health threats. Studies also show that these chemicals are in our blood, our breast milk, in our kids, in our pets and in the environment.

In our testimony, CEH told the legislators about the dangers of flame retardant chemicals and the industry’s underhanded tactics to maintain profits at the expense of public health. See the video of our testimony below.

CEH Testimony on Toxic Flame Retardants