Stand in Solidarity with Sofia Gatica

Sofia Gatica, this year’s recipient of the Goldman Environmental Prize for South & Central America, is fighting the battle of her life in Argentina against some of the most powerful forces imaginable: corporate greed and desperate poverty. Sofia’s village of Ituzaingó is at heart of soy country, surrounded by soy plantations saturated with toxic pesticides that have caused unspeakable health effects for the people living there.  Children born with severe birth defects like missing limbs and ears. No family left untouched by cancer. Sofia lost her own infant daughter to endosulfan poisoning. To get Sofia’s full story and to better understand her struggle, I encourage you to watch the video about her story.

This spring, I’m urging Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner to take action to end the pesticide and GMO companies’ assaults on human rights.

You can join me with your video telling her what human rights means to you, as a mother speaking in solidarity with Sofia Gatica. MOMS will send President Fernández all the videos and messages we receive by June 1st.