Ten Reasons Not to Use Pesticides- 2012 Edition

Have you ever wanted to explain to your neighbor why it would be a good thing if he didn’t use chemicals on his lawn? Or explain to the principal at your child’s school why you’d rather she didn’t ask the custodian to spray for ants? Or remind yourself why it helps the whole planet if you buy organic, even when organic food might cost a little more and be a little harder to find?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, CEH has a new set of slides that can help. We call it ‘Ten Reasons Not to Use Pesticides.”  It has facts and figures to back up your concerns about pesticides and help you talk effectively to anyone about this important issue. DId you know (just as an example) that over 90% of strawberries are contaminated with at least one pesticide? And that it’s the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture who does those tests?

You can see the slides here or download the presentation. Use it as often as you want! And let us know if it’s been useful and how you’ve made use of it. Thanks!