The Battle is On! We Need Your Help.

We are in a very exciting and critical moment. After years of fighting we may be able to finally fix the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA).  This is a critical moment, and we want to ask for your support.


To Recap:

The view was terrific, as was the dialogue and passion to create true chemical policy reform that will protect us all from toxic chemicals.

We heard from Dr. Michael Dorsey, CEH Board Member, Michael Green, Executive Director, Ansje Miller, our Eastern States Director and Chris Olin, Board Chair.   A very engaging Q and A discussion led to next steps.  How can we help most effectively?

The Situation:

TSCA was enacted with the goal of protecting American families from toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, it has failed. If strengthened, a bill in front of the Senate, the Chemical Safety Improvement Act (CSIA), introduced in May by Senators Lautenberg and Vitter, could finally offer real protection. However, if passed as currently written, CSIA will put your family’s health at risk, not only by failing to protect us from chemicals which cause cancer, birth defects and other serious health problems, but by preempting action at the state level, action that has over the last 30 years protected families from chemicals like BPA, Lead, Arsenic and, Mercury .

CEH is working closely with U.S. Senators, their staff, and other key legislators to ensure that they put our children’s and family’s health first. The CEH team is playing a key leadership role in a broad national coalition and we are in hand-to-hand combat with the chemical industry to ward off attacks that could have devastating consequences for us, and for environmental health as a whole. The next several months will be a critical time for the health of American families.