The Dirty Secrets about E-Waste Dumping Exposed in PBS Documentary

If you missed the PBS Frontline Documentary “Digital Dumping Ground,” it’s not too late to view this eye-opening 20 minute documentary. The video documents the rampant dumping of toxic electronic waste (e-waste) in developing countries and the ensuing public and environmental health issues that arise from these totally unregulated and unsafe recycling practices.

So, if you are like most people and have a closet of e-waste stored, what should you do with it? How do you know if your recycler is exporting your hazardous e-waste to developing countries? Read on to find out!

The good news is that the Basel Action Network has a list of “e-Steward” qualified electronics recyclers — a group of industry leaders that have agreed to 4 key principles:

1) No dumping of toxic e-waste in developing countries

2)  No dumping in local landfills or incinerators (including waste-to-energy   operations)

3)  No use of prison labor to process e-waste

4)  No unauthorized release of private data

There are 33 e-Steward companies in over 100 locations that have been qualified by BAN.

Let’s make a commitment to exclusively use these e-Steward recyclers who have taken the high road and are committed to processing e-waste responsibly in the United States or other developed countries.  By taking this simple action, we can help put an end to global dumping.