The Latest Lead-Tainted Disney Product: Reusable Bags

Hold on to your groceries folks—there’s a new lead-tainted Disney product discovered by the Center for Environmental Health: Disney “Cars” and “Toy Story” reusable plastic bags from Safeway. An independent lab tested the bags and found more than 15 times the federal limit for lead in children’s products.

Previously CEH has found high lead levels in numerous Disney-branded products, including baby bibs, diaper bags, children’s jewelry, lunchboxes, Hannah Montana products, and other items.

CEH has sent legal notices to Disney, Safeway, and Advanced Publisher, the maker of the bags, informing them that their products violate California consumer protection law.

A front-group for the plastic bag industry, calling itself the “Center for Consumer Freedom” [link] claims that high lead levels and bacteria in reusable bags suggest that proposals to ban disposable plastic bags are misguided and driven by “junk science.”  But in fact, our testing confirms the opposite.  The vast majority of reusable bags do not pose lead hazards, but those few that do are made of plastic.

For more on this story, watch the CBS news story on our findings:*

*Please note that the video incorrectly identifies CEH’s Ryan Nestle as a staff member of the Environmental Working Group.