The Plastic Bottle Dilemma

We’ve all done it before–you finish drinking that soda or eating that to-go lunch and you’re in a rush, with no recycling bin in sight–so what do you do with that plastic bottle or container? “Ah, how bad could it be to throw this one plastic item away, just this once?” you tell yourself.

This is a common dilemma among many, as the Onion newspaper reports:

“Wishing to dispose of the empty plastic container, and failing to spot a recycling bin nearby, an estimated 30 million Americans asked themselves Monday how bad throwing away a single bottle of water could really be,” reports the Onion, “America’s Finest News Source”.

The Onion, an reliably hilarious news source, puts it in perspective with their informative report, “How Bad For The Environment Can Throwing Away One Plastic Bottle Be?’ 30 Million People Wonder”.