Top 5 Ways to Have a Toxic-Free Easter

Spring is blooming and Easter is right around the corner! As we relax and enjoy the company of family and friends, it is important to remember to steer clear of the synthetic, holiday-themed products that can contain harmful chemicals. By making conscious and educated choices, you can limit the amount of unwanted toxic chemicals showing up to your family brunch. Here are our top five tips for celebrating a cleaner and healthier, toxic-free Easter this Sunday!

1.  Use Mother Nature’s color palette and dye your Easter eggs using natural ingredients from your kitchen. Easter-egg-dying kits often include harmful chemicals. Here’s a DIY guide for different colors.

2.  Instead of using dyes, use pressed flowers to decorate your Easter eggs. It’s environmental and original! Here’s a tutorial to start.

3.  Be wary of any gifts that may or may not be as “natural” or “healthy” as they claim. It’s common to see the word “organic” misused purposefully for marketing on personal care products (since they are not as strictly regulated as organic foods). That’s why CEH has been working to end false organic claims by shampoo and personal care product companies. We’ve launched a petition to remove one harmful, phony-organic line of hair products called “Africa’s Best” from CVS shelves. Take action here to add your name!

4.  Easter is a spring holiday celebrated with lively colors and you are sure to see a lot of yellow in the products around you. Recent studies show there is reason to be concerned about certain chemicals in some yellow dyes. While it is impossible to steer clear of all yellow-dyed objects, paying closer attention to the colors of products we buy, especially products for children, can help reduce the exposure to harmful chemicals. For more information on the health effects of yellow dyes, read this.

5.  Beware of Easter-themed novelty gifts that contain certain shampoos, soaps or creams. CEH has found cocamide diethanolamine (cocamide DEA), a cancer-causing chemical, in many shampoos and other personal care and hair care products. It’s important to be mindful about what kind of gifts you choose to fill your family’s Easter baskets. Check out our press release that includes a list of companies who have agreed to remove the chemical from their products.