Victory- Methyl Iodide Pulled from Use on Strawberry Crops!

“WOW!!! We did it!”

Yesterday Arysta Life Sciences announced the “immediate suspension of product sales for all formulations of the fumigant MIDAS® in the United States.”  Midas is the brand name for methyl iodide, the hazardous pesticide that CEH and our allies have been fighting since California approved it last year for use on strawberry fields.

A huge thank you to all of you who generously put your signatures on the many letters and petitions that led up to victory. This win is your win.

It’s not often that ordinary people like you and me (and hundreds of thousands more) can push a multinational chemical company hard enough that the company reverses a bad decision. Especially when that company is the largest privately held pesticide company in the world. And it happens even less often when regulators at the federal and state level have already signed off on that bad decision. But that’s just what happened here. Thank you!

As one of CEH’s allies who has been working with residents of California’s Central Coast strawberry-growing area to protect their communities and their families from methyl iodide said,  “Wow. WOW!!!!! We did it!” Enjoy this start to spring!