WATCH: You Found WHAT In My Purse?

The ABC Cincinnati I-Team came to the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) to talk to us about our discovery of high levels of lead in purses.  We told them about the health implications these purses hold, not only for the women who carry them, but for the kids who may like to play with their mommy’s fashion accessories.

While 40 retailers signed a legal agreement with CEH two years ago to cut the lead in their accessories, CEH has still been finding violations of that agreement in some of those retail stores.

A full list of the handbag retailers selling leady handbags can be found here.

Watch the ABC News video here:


As mentioned in the video, lead is an stunningly toxic metal that should not be present in products that we use everyday.  As CEH’s own Research Director Caroline Cox noted, “You’re touching your purse and then a little bit of lead is getting on your fingers, so very time you maybe touch your mouth of eat a cookie, you’re being exposed to lead.”

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