Wednesday: National Call-In Day for Safe Chemicals!

Mark your calendars:  Wednesday is an important day for your health.  Environmental health advocates across the country have deemed this Wednesday, July 20th “National Call-In Day for Safe Chemicals”.

Join parents, nurses, doctors, college students, and people like you across the country will call their Senators to protect our families from toxic chemicals.

The average American has more than 200 industrial chemicals in their body, including dozens linked to cancer and other health problems.  The alarming truth is that the current law does not require tests to ensure chemicals used in everyday household products are safe.

It’s unacceptable that chemicals are allowed on the market without being tested for safety.  Let’s tell Congress that we don’t just want a change, we need a change in the system.  If we want to protect our health, and the health of our families and communities, we need a chemical policy revolution.

The Safe Chemicals Act of 2011 can be the change we need, but not without your support.  Chemical industry influence has severely weakened chemicals regulations in the past, and they might do it again.  We need strong support to stand up for chemical policy reform, and calling in this Wednesday is an incredibly important way to get your Senators to listen.

So, keep a few minutes open in your schedule this Wednesday to call your Senator in support of the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011We’ll even make it easy for you by posting the call-in information and some key points. So,  join us this Wednesday, June 20th, and make the call for your health, and the health of families across the country!