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6 Non-Toxic and Plastic-Free Shampoos

We found 5 shampoo bars and 1 refillable option

We’ve had a lot of asks for products with sustainable packaging. We heard you! Sustainable, non-toxic, well-reviewed products are actually harder to find than you think. Who knew? But we did a ton of research and found some great options! We searched high and wide and found these 5 non-toxic shampoo bars and one refillable shampoo that comes in an aluminum bottle. These shampoo products are a great way to reduce your plastic consumption without compromising on safe ingredients. A win-win in our book for the planet and your health!

6 Non-Toxic and Plastic-Free Shampoos

a) Badger Shampoo Bar b) J.R. Liggett’s Shampoo Bar c) Meow Meow Tweet Rosemary Avocado Shampoo Bar d) Plaine Products Rosemary, Mint, Vanilla Eco-friendly Shampoo e) Purple Prairie Cedarwood Tea Tree Shampoo Bar f) Soapworks Shampoo Bar

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