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A Makeover for Your Makeup

Tips for choosing healthy and safe beauty products

We talk a lot about feeling good, but looking good can be just as important. Now, looking good without introducing a lot of nasty chemicals and dangerous metals into our daily routine, that can be a feat. Why?! It shouldn’t be.

Beauty products and cosmetics don’t require FDA premarket approval, meaning they can be sold to us without the FDA checking out what’s in it. It also means that manufacturers do not have to list every ingredient they put in their products. This means making changes takes a little more deep digging to find products that are safe, and that we love. But that’s okay because it’s all about baby steps. Even swapping just one thing, like your lipstick, that you use on a daily basis can make a big difference. Our skin is very good at absorbing chemicals, like from lotions or powders we may put on them (ahem, make-up). So any change we make, means that we are lowering the chances that our skin will absorb the chemicals and other toxic metals in our products.

But, have no fear! We are here to lay it out for you and help you learn what to look for on your labels. Sorry, we know having to read labels sucks, but with so many different brands out there with so many different products, there isn’t a definitive list … yet!

So, screenshot this table to help you learn what to look for next time you are at Sephora.


Knowing this, your next question is probably where to start? We suggest looking at the products you use every day. See if you can find the ingredients list and start looking at it closely. Hint, if you can find the product on the Sephora website, there is a section for many products, but not all, that lists “what it is formulated WITHOUT.” That section lists ingredients like parabens and phthalates, so it’s a super quick check. This feature is helpful if you no longer have the original packaging with the ingredients listed, or just can’t be bothered to read every single ingredient on the ingredient list. If you are looking up some products, you might also want to run it through the EWG skin deep database or the ThinkDirty app while you are at it. Both give ratings and ingredients for products they list.

After checking your products, you are probably going to start wondering about new options that are just as beautiful but safer. Here are some sites (besides our BecauseHealth roundups) where you can look for products and be more comfortable that what you are getting is safe, healthy, and chemical free.

  1. The Detox Market – This site has a long list of ingredients standards that all products on the site must meet.
  2. Safe and Chic – This a marketplace where all options meet their rigorous standard. Like us, they check the products they offer in EWG, GoodGuide, and ThinkDirty, so you know they did their research.
  3. Credo – This is a store with a large online shop focused on finding the best clean beauty products.
  4. Follain– This Boston based store has a five-step vetting process and products are cross-referenced with a list of banned ingredients.
  5. Ayla– This San Francisco based store has a well curated range of non-toxic beauty products from around the world.
  6. Sephora – They have a huge variety of products, some of which are marked for you on the website as being phthalate- free, sulfate-free, etc. Not everything is vetted like on the other sites we recommend, but it’s one you probably already shop, and they are doing what they can to help you out.