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Care about Coffee?

Take 30 seconds to urge Starbucks to keep us feeling healthy and caffeinated

Be real, how often do you go to Starbucks in week? No matter what that number is – 10 or 1 or even just once a year- I’m sure you can get behind them living up to their promise. What promise am I talking about? It doesn’t have anything to do with their secret menu or the precious PSL. It has to do with their promise to change their cups to ones that are healthier for you and the world.

Back in 2008, yep, a decade ago at this point, they said they’d release a 100% recyclable cup and up their percentage of drinks served in reusable cups to 25%. Right now neither of those have happened. If that makes you wince just a tad, consider taking a second – literally- to add your name to this petition. The petition isn’t asking for anything crazy, it’s just asking for Starbucks to make good on a promise they issued.

Not only is this promise something that is better for the environment – fewer cups headed to landfills is a wonderful thing – but it has an impact on your personal health, too. Right now, their paper cups, which may feel like they are recyclable, are lined with plastic, which means they are extremely difficult to recycle and end up in landfills. Much of landfill trash ends up in waterways or the ocean, where the plastic can break down into small particles. And we are just beginning to learn about the health effects of micro plastics in our water.

So, if any of this makes you scratch your head, or make sad puppy dog eyes, or even want to boycott Starbucks, turn those emotions into action. Fill out the petition and add your support to the thousands of others who want Starbucks to lead the way in becoming a sustainable, healthy coffee shop.

You can even take it a step further, and help Starbucks get closer to their goal, by bringing your own reusable mug next time you make a Starbucks run. Looking for a reusable coffee mug you’ll love, check out our roundup.