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The Top 3 Reasons to Switch to a Natural Deodorant

Say Bye-Bye to BO

Warm weather screams beaches, smoothies and sunglasses, but there’s always the dreaded secret armpit sniff to check for BO. Maybe your first inclination is to check out the drugstore for the deodorant that promises to keep you smelling fresh all day and into the night, but before you run, hear us out. Just like you probably have your favorite coffee or soap brand, you should be choosy about your deodorant too!

The skin is one of your most absorbent organs in the body and you definitely want to take care of it. Although the skin under your armpit is not inherently more absorbent or porous, it can end up absorbing more chemicals simply because of deodorants, antiperspirants, lotions and creams being applied in that area continuously (4). The best thing you can do is to decrease your exposure to chemicals and switching to a natural deodorant is a great first start. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out why.

  1. Regular deodorants contain bad chemicals: Most deodorants that drugstores sell contain yucky chemicals that yes, might make you smell GREAT, but aren’t the best for your body or skin. If you grab any deodorant off the shelf, chances are, they’ll contain parabens, triclosan, aluminum and plenty of artificial colors and fragrances. We don’t get into the dirty details, but these chemicals can cause numerous health effects including increasing you risk for breast cancer (parabens) and Alzheimer’s Disease (aluminum) (1, 2). Don’t forget, because we apply deodorant on all the time, the chemicals also spend ALL this time absorbing into your skin, and little cuts from shaving can also increase this absorption process.
  2. Antiperspirants are even worse: Antiperspirants, in addition to the chemicals mentioned above, contain other chemicals that not only aren’t great for you, but really can’t be replicated through safer products. Think about it, your body isn’t meant to NOT sweat! Sweat keeps you cool and helps you regulate your body temperature.
  3. Natural deodorants really work: While non-toxic products are never going to work as great as chemical compounds, they can come pretty close to mimicking the effects of regular deodorants and antiperspirants. For instance, baking soda and arrowroot powder absorb moisture and odor, so they make you feel dry and clean (3). Vegetable glycerin also mimics antiperspirants (not by preventing the formation of sweat), but by absorbing excess moisture (3). Vegetable glycerin is often paired with aloe, which cools the skin and also helps reduce the feeling of excess moisture and heat buildup that happens when you sweat (3).

Convinced that you should change but not sure which products are the best? Well, did we mention we’ve done the hard work for you by investigating and choosing the safest and least toxic deodorant brands out there? Check out our top 11 recommendations for non-toxic deodorants that actually work.