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Bringing Home Puppy or Kitty

Non-toxic tips for bringing your pet home and making them feel welcome

Bringing home a new pet is a very exciting! You better be ready for a few rounds of play time and some great cuddles. While you figure out their favorite toy and what that weird noise means, we collected some tips for keeping your new best friend happy and healthy.

Just like you make healthy choices about what you bring into your home so you aren’t coming into contact with toxic chemicals when you don’t have to, these decisions matter just as much for your pet. A few might even matter for them a bit more.

Why? Well, if different chemicals and things in our home can make us sick, consider how the same amount of those things might affect someone much tinier. Even if you’ve got a big dog, chances are they don’t weigh quite as much as you. And, both dogs and cats spend much more of their time on the floor, where a lot of dust collects. They also are way more likely to lick things than we are, cats especially because they lick themselves to bathe after rolling around on the floor.

With all of these ways that our pets are more likely to encounter different things that might make them sick, we have a few tips for ways to keep your pet, and incidentally yourself, safer.