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Roundup Methodology

How we came up with our roundups of recommended products

At Because Health we have done the research for you about what products are safe. We roundup products with the best health and safety ratings that are widely available for different consumer products.

We use publicly available databases that identify potential risks associated with ingredients in consumer products. The main databases that we rely on are GoodGuide, EWG, Made Safe, and the Thinkdirty App.* We start with a list of all products that are rated safe in each database.

Sources Safe Ratings

EWG Skin Deep Cosmetic Database Verified and 0-2

EWG Guide to Healthy Cleaning A or B

Made Safe certified

GoodGuide 7- 10

Think Dirty App 0- 3

From that list, we cross check each product in the other available databases. If a product has a non-safe rating in any database, then we remove it from the list. Then, we eliminate products that are no longer available or are not widely available. Among the remaining products, we take into account customer reviews so that our roundups reflect products that are also well liked and actually do what they are supposed to do. If there are a lot of safe products in one category, we may limit the recommendations in our roundups to the best rated products.

For roundups of products that are not rated in these databases, such as reusable water bottles, we look for products that value high quality, non-toxic ingredients and materials, and that are well-reviewed on many online sources. However, since we do not test the materials in these products and are not associated with the manufacturers or distributors of these products, we cannot guarantee their claims.

*Occasionally, we also use Made Safe and other sources that are cited.