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Hey Target, We’re Expecting More

This time is from your receipt paper

Calling all Target shoppers out there! Did you actually remember to buy that thing you went for? Yeah, me neither. Oh well! We’ll be back. But next time you go back, I’ve got a little task for you. Pay attention when you are checking out. Not to the items you bought, or the chapstick in the checkout lane, but to what happens at the end of your transaction. Chances are the cashier hands you a printed receipt and says have a nice day. While this seems completely normal, taking that receipt could be negatively impacting your health. Typical receipt paper is coating in BPA powder which helps make sure they can be printed quickly and not smear.

Let Target know that they should switch to receipts that are free of bisphenols – like BPA. OR, even better, move towards electronic receipts and only print receipts when people ask for them. They have already released their chemical policy saying they are trying to source better products. While they are making positive steps towards reducing PFAS, flame retardants, and chemicals in beauty products, it mentions nothing about BPA. Having a progressive chemical policy is a good first step though, it means they are likely receptive to this kind of ask.

Add your name to this petition, and help let Target know we want them to add BPA, especially in their receipts, to their chemical policy. We love shopping there, and by making this change, they can join the ranks of other large companies like Best Buy and Trader Joe’s that are shifting away from traditional thermal receipt paper coated in BPA. Come on Target, don’t let us down now.

In the meantime, let’s be real. Do you really need that paper receipt? You just impulse bought $100 worth of extra things, are you really going to return them? Probs not.