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Want to Know What’s in Your Makeup?

So does Kourtney Kardashian

Ever wonder what makes your shampoo smell so good or your lipstick that perfect shade of red? Well, turns out, very few people know except for the companies that make those smells or colors. That’s because companies aren’t required to share the ingredients in personal care products. It seems like something the FDA should be able to look into, but the regulations on what the FDA can check haven’t been updated since 1938. And trust us, the science behind those smells and colors has changed a lot in the last 80 years.

But, we can change that! And, Kourtney is doing her best to help push those changes along, too. So, here’s you chance to actually do something like a Kardashian – add you name to this petition. You will help send this letter to a committee in Congress telling them that you think there should be more testing on these personal care products than just what industry funded organization do on their own (right now that’s the only way products are tested for safety). Products that we use on our bodies every day shouldn’t be able to contain ingredients that have been linked to birth defects, reproductive harm, infertility, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer. But, without ingredient disclosures, it’s hard to know which products contain those chemicals. The FDA should know that the ingredients are safe and the companies should have to share those ingredients openly like other industries do, which is exactly what this petition is asking Senators to make the law say.

Make your voice heard and let’s get Congress to update some of these rules to help make the personal care products we use every day safer.