Book Review: Rooftop Revolution

Many of us feel helpless when facing the looming threats of climate change and ask, “What can I do?”  You may already recycle, buy organic groceries, and drive a fuel efficient car, but have you thought about changing the way you consume energy entirely?  Danny Kennedy’s Rooftop Revolution: How Solar Power Can Save Our Economy–and Our Planet–from Dirty Energy simplifies the complex world of solar energy, telling the story of how it came to be and where it is going. While examining the negative impacts of what he calls the four headed monster King CONG (coal, oil, nuclear, and gas), Kennedy shifts focus to the average American’s ability to enact change with clean energy technologies.  This book provides inspiration by tracking solar energy progress across the country all the way to the White House and then back to your rooftop.  Through political struggles and the work of persistent environmental leaders, Kennedy touches on it all to simplify the complex struggles and successes of obtaining clean energy in the United States.  Whether you’re new to solar energy or you’ve already installed solar panels on your home, CEH thinks that you will love reading Rooftop Revolution.

Try out some of Danny Kennedy’s solar tips:

  • Take a tour of a home just like yours that is powered by the sun. Check out the annual American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Tour.
  • Sign the Solar Bill of Rights— a statement that provides a clear policy foundation we can use as we move to a cleaner and more secure energy future.
  • Know where your politicians stand on energy and vote for those who support (or at least take an open-minded approach to) renewable energy.

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