Book Review: Slow Death by Rubber Duck

by Guest Blogger Peter Sullivan

Toxins are a common and widespread problem that is even more inconvenient and has even more personal impact than global warming.  The topic leaves most people feeling a mix of overwhelm, anger and hopelessness.  But as you may have guessed from the title, “Slow Death by Rubber Duck: The Secret Danger of Everyday Things” takes a different approach.

What started out as a funny joke and dare between friends actually became an amazing project that will empower consumers.  Two Canadian environmentalists exposed themselves to everyday products and watched the toxin levels in their body’s skyrocket.  Sadly, this experiment is something most of us do unknowingly every day. The authors show how our everyday exposures and product choices impact our toxin levels and health risks.  Although I am still shocked by how common the toxins are, I was very encouraged to learn that many of them will leave the body in just a few days after reducing the exposure.

Despite the light title, this book is packed with intelligent insights, is backed by research and is fascinating to read.  It will help you take actions that will measurably reduce your exposure to harmful toxins.  Congratulations to the authors for turning this heavy topic around and pointing to a more positive and hopeful approach that is within our control.

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