Campaign for an Ethical iPhone

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We’ve known for a long time that there are serious problems in the electronics supply chain of Apple and the other electronics companies.   However, there have been two major developments that point to increased hope for change in the industry right now.

1.       Increased media attention accompanied by recent high-profile workplace accidents and reports from environmental groups in Asia about appalling factory conditions for workers. 

The recent coverage from the New York Times, the piece by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, and the personal storytelling from Mike Daisey on This American Life put a much more human face on the issue.  All of this is coming to light amidst reports about Apple’s record profits: According to Scott Nova of the Worker Rights Consortium, “Apple’s profits are so high, and its global labor costs so low, that it could triple the wages of its 700,000 manufacturing workers and help them achieve a living wage (just a few dollars an hour in China), and still make $40 billion a year.”


2. Change in leadership: Following the death of Steve Jobs, Apple has a new CEO and this is a potential opportunity for change.

As the richest corporation in the world, Apple has the ability to change the manufacturing sector as much as iTunes changed music delivery. Or, they could do nothing and profit while workers die of exhaustion or preventable explosions.

This Thursday, SumOfUs will be holding a rally in front of Apple’s Annual General Meeting this Thursday at 9am in Cupertino.  If you are in the Bay Area, come out and show your support ! More details on the Apple Rally below:

Thursday, February 23rd at 9-10:30am

Apple Campus, Main Entrance

N De Anza Blvd & Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA


We need to show Apple that this is their opportunity to be a leader in the global electronics supply chain on labor and environmental issues!  Come out and show your support!