Disney: Another Toxic Children’s Product!

Over the years, CEH has found too many safety problems in Disney products. Our work exposed high levels of lead in Disney-branded baby bibs, lunchboxes, jewelry and several other products.

But now we’ve found a new danger in a Disney product – this time, in a product that children love to eat!

Testing by an independent lab has found high levels of acrylamide, a chemical known to cause cancer, in Disney animal crackers we purchased from Walgreens. The animal crackers come in a box decorated with Disney “Jungle Book” characters, and promise parents a “whole grain” treat for their children.

Parents who expect that these cookies are a healthier alternative to regular white flour animal crackers have no way to know that the product actually contains this toxic chemical. Alarmingly, after eating just one and a half boxes of animal crackers, a child would exceed the yearly safety standard for acrylamide products sold without a warning label.

CEH is demanding that Disney and Walgreens take these dangerous products off of store shelves, so parents do not have to worry when their children eat animal crackers. We also expect the companies to take steps to insure that their products going forward do not contain high levels of acrylamide.

You can take action here to demand that Disney stands up for our children’s health, see the full list of animal crackers and ginger cookies, and learn more about Disney and acrylamide in our press release;  and see more in the video below.