How Are You Enjoying the Best Week of the Year?

It’s springtime.  The days are getting longer.  Giants’ pitchers are gearing up to hang o-fers up and down the Dodgers’ overrated lineup.

And better than all these indisputable truths is the fact that daylight saving time has begun.

So, in search of tips to enhance our collective health and happiness, I’m wondering how you and yours are enjoying this first week of after-work daylight.  Are you getting out for a walk or a run?  Or maybe a look at the wildflowers that are popping up as abundantly as the tortured, corporate objections to the notion that health care should be a right, not a privilege?

Having trouble containing her excitement at all this daylight, our sweet, little pup Phoebe (with the frisbee) has been demanding walks, chases, and lots of trips to watch the sun go down at Fort Funston.

In her words: “I love daylight savings time.  (And what do you have that I can eat?)”

In mine:  what are you doing with these bright, beautiful evenings during the best week of the year?