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CEH data on toxic PFAS chemicals in foodware instantly available to online shoppers with Clearya

February 24, 2021

Contact: Sue Chiang

Digital Tool Makes Shopping for Safer Alternatives Seamless by Collaborating with Nonprofit Partners

OAKLAND, CA – Toxic chemical watchdog Center for Environmental Health is announcing a partnership with the Google Chrome extension and mobile app Clearya to help consumers make healthier choices when shopping online. For years, the Center for Environmental Health has tested single-use food serviceware and maintained a publicly available database identifying products with high levels of fluorine indicating likely use of PFAS, known as “forever chemicals” because they do not break down easily in the environment or in our bodies. The CEH database also includes products with low levels of fluorine, providing guidance for consumers looking for safer alternatives. CEH’s groundbreaking data will now seamlessly appear alongside product descriptions as consumers shop on familiar websites through their browser or mobile thanks to Clearya technology.

“We’ve tested hundreds of foodware products to give consumers the resources they need to make the best decisions with their purchasing power. Now, it’s easier than ever,” said Sue Chiang, Pollution Prevention Director at CEH. “This innovative tech partnership means our recent data on PFAS in foodware will be immediately and easily accessible by online shoppers on the sites where they’re already shopping. Clearya and CEH are helping keep toxic chemicals out of our homes and off of our plates.”

Announced during National Cancer Prevention Month, this partnership reflects increasing consumer demand for transparency about the ingredients in the products they purchase and an increasing awareness that exposure to toxic chemicals in household and personal care products impacts our health. PFAS “forever chemicals” are a class of over 9,000 synthetic chemicals that make products water- and grease-resistant. They are in non-stick cookware, water-repellent clothing, stain-resistant carpets, lubricants, firefighting foams, paints, cosmetics, and even the paper plates our kids eat off at schools. Exposure to “forever chemicals” can cause cancer, thyroid disease, birth defects, hormone disruption, decreased fertility and other serious health issues. 

“We created Clearya as my wife was recovering from cancer and we were on a mission to keep hazardous chemicals out of our home and our bodies,” said Amit Rosner, Co-founder of Clearya. “Our very personal mission to protect our family has turned into an accessible tool anyone can use to make safe choices when shopping online. We’re proud to add CEH’s extensive foodware testing data to our technology and know it will help a lot of people find PFAS-free alternatives.” 

Clearya’s free web browser extension and mobile app help people reduce exposure to toxic chemicals by automatically analyzing the product ingredient lists at major online shops, and notifying the shoppers if any of the ingredients matches a known toxicant, according to authoritative regulatory or scientific sources. Better shopping is made easier when the app automatically alerts shoppers to ingredients of concern and assures them when they have found a safer alternative. Download Clearya to your computer or mobile device at: