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Health Watchdog Applauds New York Fracking Ban

New York, NY-The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) applauds the announcement from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo that the risky new gas drilling technology hydraulic fracturing (fracking) will be banned in the state, based on health concerns. In just the past few weeks, peer-reviewed papers co-authored by CEH staff have demonstrated air pollution from fracking and reviewed the health risks from fracking, including the serious threat to pregnant women and young children from harmful chemicals associated with the technology.

“New Yorkers can rest easier now that the Governor has taken this brave, bold step to protect our children and families from the toxic effects of fracking,” said Ansje Miller, CEH’s Eastern States Director. “Now it’s time for national action to move away from this technology that’s dangerous for our health and bad for the climate, and move towards healthier, renewable energy solutions.”

Just weeks ago, data from a study co-authored by CEH showed serious air pollution issues around fracking sites in 5 states, including sites with chemical levels that were hundreds of times higher than some current federal air quality safety standards. Earlier this month, another peer-reviewed paper co-authored by CEH found that chemicals associated with fracking are linked to reproductive and developmental health problems, including miscarriages, infertility, and other serious problems.

“Today is a major victory in the movement for safer energy,” said Miller. “Other states should follow New York’s example and join the movement for a clean energy future.”

The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) is a national nonprofit committed to ending health threats from toxic chemicals in our air, water, food and in products we use every day. We protect children and families from harmful chemicals by working with communities, consumers, workers, and government to demand and support safer business practices. We also work with major industries and leaders in green business to promote healthier alternatives to toxic products and practices.