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Pruitt’s Resignation Overdue; More Needed to Safeguard Our Health and Environment

“Scott Pruitt’s EPA rolled back important safety protections on dangerous chemicals like brain-damaging chlorpyrifos, nerve-damaging TCE, and the deadly hormone-disrupting methylene chloride which resulted in four more deaths during his tenure. Though Pruitt was the subject of over a dozen federal ethical investigations, his legacy will be defined by his systematic dismantling of essential health protections, at the expense of science, our environment, and the health of children and families – while enriching himself in the process. Pruitt put millions of Americans at greater risk for cancer, learning disabilities, and reproductive problems. We applaud his resignation and the people power that helped make that happen.

Even though Pruitt leaves, still entrenched in the agency is former chemical industry lobbyist Nancy Beck, who is charged with overseeing the regulation of toxic chemicals. Under Beck, the EPA recently proposed tying its own hands in how it will oversee the most dangerous chemicals in the world. Pruitt also leaves behind former coal industry lobbyist, now Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler’s, who’s record on the environment is no less toxic than Pruitt’s.

The fight to put public health above corporate profit, and restore the core principles of the EPA under the Trump Administration must continue. We won’t accept any Administrator who won’t put our health and environment first.”

Ansje Miller, Director of Policy and Partnerships, CEH