OMG! GMO– The Toxies Nominee That Nature Never Intended

GMO’s–it’s the chemical 2012 Toxies nominee that nature never intended.  She’s the weird unnatural science project lurking in your food.  She is resistant to very toxic pesticides so genetically modified food carries higher toxic residues and forces the usage of stronger pesticides and the creation of “superweeds”.

She very much appreciates the FDA relying on GMO-producing companies to conduct their own safety research. Classy! They always make her look her best and ignore the “little” things such as the fact that lab animals fed GMOs show reproductive disorders, immune dysfunction, cellular and metabolism changes or that B-toxin is found in the blood of pregnant women and fetuses. She doesn’t understand why nine out of ten Americans want GMOs labeled. A lady should be able to have some beauty secrets! Plus, it may ruin her career as it did in Europe. Ironically, the UK Monsanto restaurant does not serve GMOs per the company’s workers request. That’s so rude! Shhh, don’t tell her.