Tell Chevron: It’s Time to Take Responsibility for the Amazon Chernobyl

Oil spills. Hazardous waste dumping. Soil and groundwater contamination. Wholesale ravaging of entire ecosystems.

Not that you’d know it from their slick ad campaigns about how much they care for people and the environment, but Chevron’s operations have created some of the worst environmental and human health crises in the world.

CEH joins millions of our allies and communities across the globe to encourage Chevron’s new CEO, John Watson, to use the company’s unrivalled wealth to create a sustainable energy infrastructure for healthier communities and a healthier planet.

At Chevron’s Annual Shareholder’s meeting in 2009, CEH’s Christine Cordero represented the communities living in the shadow of Chevron’s pollution in Pandacan, Philippines. In solidarity with communities from Burma, Ecuador, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, and Richmond, California, Christine and CEH joined the public contingent urging Chevron to take responsibility for its shameful messes around the world.

Following up, Christine and two other FACES (Filipino-American Coalition for Environmental Solidarity) Board members, met with Chevron representatives at the San Ramon Headquarters in the Fall of 2009.

While Chevron made token health concessions to communities in Pandacan, there is still much work to be done to hold the company accountable for the destruction and illness it has caused around the world.

Wantonly irresponsible drilling and spilling were part and parcel of Chevron/Texaco’s operations in the Ecuadorian Amazon, for example. The company contaminated soil and water, and caused devastating diseases among the region’s indigenous peoples. Chevron/Toxico’s illegal and, let’s be honest, unconscionable disposal of billions of gallons of hazardous waste has created in the Amazon basin one of the worst environmental and human health disasters the world has ever known.

CEH ally Amazon Watch launched its ChevronToxico campaign this week, calling on Chevron’s new CEO to heed the indigenous and farming communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon and take responsibility for the Amazon Chernobyl that was so profitable for the company.

Watch this powerful video:

And please, take action and sign the petition to tell Chevron to clean up the mess they left in Ecuador.

(To learn more about the issue, watch this excellent piece on 60-Minutes called “Amazon Crude.”)