The Secrets of the International Electronics Sector: Labor Rights and Occupational Health

The electronics industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economic environment, but it is also one of the least researched businesses in regards to labor practices and worker conditions. The ubiquity of uninterrupted purchasing, using, and discarding of digital technology has inevitably  increased demand for electronics manufacturing, which in turn fuels the need for cheaper, faster, and more efficient labor output.

Consequently, many of these industries circumvent and violate national labor laws, mainly by outsourcing to developing countries, to maximize and maintain a high rate of production and distribution. In addition, many of these factories are incredibly “dirty” facilities, where workers are often unknowingly exposed to toxic chemicals that are used to make the electronic parts.

The following slideshow attempts to elucidate many secrets of the international electronics sector, focusing on the violation of human rights and the potential risk posed to human health and safety due to unethical labor practices.