There’s What in My Shampoo? Watch the Story of Cosmetics Video!

For many of us, comforting sensations come to mind when we think about our personal care products and how they make us feel, smell, and look.  But do you ever wonder what all those complicated ingredients listed on the back of your favorite shampoo or perfume actually are?

We’ve written about this before:  All those alluring fragrances, promises of silky smooth skin, and that squeaky clean anti-bacterial feeling are brought to us by synthetic, lab-created chemicals, most of which are made from petroleum.  Shocking numbers of these chemicals have not been adequately tested for safety, and few tests that have been done show that these chemicals can also post serious threats to our health.

That’s why the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has launched a new 7 minute video, The Story of Cosmetics.  This fast-paced film tells the story of cosmetics and how so many unsustainable toxic petrochemicals go untested and unregulated—used as ingredients in major personal care products.  Watch the video below or on our news video sidebar, and find out what you can do to help fix our broken chemical policy in the U.S.!