Watch: CEH Talks Lead in Purses on “The Doctors”

“Could you be carrying a harmful toxin around with you every day? Recently, The Center for Environmental Health found dangerous levels of lead in purses.”

Popular T.V. show, The Doctors, features a team of professional doctors that deliver answers about the public’s health questions daily.  This week the show focused on hidden health dangers lurking in your closet. One of those hidden hazards is purses, so The Doctors turned to CEH to tell them about high levels of lead in purses and how it can effect your health. See how we test for lead at the CEH office using an XRF gun, how we tell when lead levels are too high, and what you can do about it!

As CEH Research Director Caroline Cox explains in the video, “We do this testing to make sure that products out there in stores are safe for you and your family.”

Watch it here:


For more information on dangerous levels of lead in purses, see the ABC News with Diane Sawyer and the CBS San Francisco videos about it.  You can also see our press release about how we’re taking legal action against major retailers like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Rainbow and others who are selling purses with high levels of lead.

For information about CEH’s free lead testing program, click here.