We Did It! The Cadmium Ban Passes in CA

Thousands of CEH members around the California came together last month and told the state Assembly that kids’ jewelry should never be toxic. Our work forced the jewelry industry to eliminate lead threats, but some jewelry makers responded by substituting cadmium, another toxic metal, for the lead they could no longer use in children’s jewelry.

Thanks to CEH supporters, the California legislature passed groundbreaking legislation protecting children by banning cadmium in children’s jewelry sold in California, and yesterday the Governor signed the bill into law.  CEH pulled out all the stops to bring attention to this issue and YOU responded by taking action and getting your friends involved.

Thank you!

If you didn’t take action before, you can still help us make this legislation national. Right now, CEH is working with Congresswoman Jackie Speier, who has introduced legislation that would create a nationwide ban.  So stay tuned.

In the meantime, CEH is taking the issue directly to companies that make and sell children’s jewelry. We have found cadmium-tainted jewelry from almost two dozen companies, and we’re continuing to purchase and test jewelry. Through legal action against companies that distribute or sell jewelry with cadmium, we intend to put strict limits on the use of cadmium in all jewelry. We hope to have good news soon about the success of that legal action.