What to Give the Techie Who Has It All

Year in and year out, the holidays leave so many of us racking our brains for gift ideas.  Which got us thinking:  maybe this is a sign that many of our loved one don’t need more things.

This season,  the reckless, short-sighted electronics industry is expected to sell more products than any holiday season ever before.   So, we thought we’d create a list of useful holiday gifts for electronics lovers who don’t need any more stuff.

1. Give your friends, family, or neighbors an “e-Stewards recycler holiday gift”: It’s the gift that every techie has always wanted but never thought to ask for:  simply and easily eliminating their mountains of useless, outdated, electronic junk.  And better yet:  doing it in a way that protects the environment and people’s health.

This is the perfect gift for the techie who already has all the gadgets out there.  Taking their old, unused, unwanted electronics to a certified e-Steward will not only rid your IT guru of clutter; it will also ensure that her/his huge pile of old gadgets doesn’t just get carelessly dumped into developing countries where global graveyards of ever-increasing piles of e-waste are poisoning people, communities, and entire eco-systems.

Taking outdated electronics to an e-Stewards recycler is vital.  It’s the only way to ensure that your toxic trinkets are not

  • exported to developing countries
  • dumped in landfills
  • incinerated
  • dismantled by untrained workers with inadequate health protections

Check out this easy-to-use site to find an e-Stewards recycler near you.   And check out our resources for further details on greening electronics at home.

Who wouldn’t want someone to come in and whisk away that tangle of cords and old, useless cell phones, home phones, MP3 players, answering machines, televisions, betamaxes, VCRs, DVD players, computers, and other electronics junk?

Give the gift of de-cluttering.  It’s greener than the greenest gadgets out there!

2. Suggest that your Workplace Sponsor a Responsible E-Waste Recycling Event: What’s better than making sure that your own electronics are out of your house and into the hands of an environmentally responsible e-recycler? Making sure that your co-workers have this same opportunity!

Suggest that your company host an electronics recycling event with an e-Stewards recycler for the entire staff at your workplace. All employees can reap the benefits of purging their cluttered electronics closets before the holidays, and the whole company will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that their unwanted electronics are being recycled responsibly (and not shipped overseas to toxic e-waste graveyards).

You can also check out our resources for the full scoop on how to green electronics at work.

3.  2010 Holiday Shopping Guide for Finding Greener Electronics:

Still can’t imagine not buying your loved ones that new laptop or cell phone they crave?  Then use our handy 2010 Holiday Shopping Guide for Finding Greener Electronics to learn how some of the most popular electronics companies stack up on key environmental issues, including their takeback and recycling programs and their policies on toxic chemicals, climate change, and recycling.

We’ve also included a handy link to NRDC’s list of the top 200 most energy efficient TVs on the market.

Another great holiday gift?  A Red Rabbitt refurbished laptop from Redemtech.  In fact, we’re giving one away along with a one-of-a-kind laptop case signed by the cast of ABC’s Private Practice!

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