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Bathrooms So Clean You’ll Be Looking for Excuses to Hang Out in There

Our in depth guide to cleaning your bathroom the healthy way

Sometimes taking a bath and pretending that you’re at an expensive day spa is just the therapy you need. Or maybe, if you’re like me, you take extra long bathroom breaks just to get a couple minutes of me-time without a toddler. Whatever it is, having a clean bathroom makes all of those things more enjoyable. We put together this simple guide so you can have a sparkling clean bathroom, without having to grab a harsh cleaner that can harm your health.


For the vanity, any shelving, and other surfaces, use a recommended all-purpose cleaner, our DIY vinegar and water cleaner, or hot water and a dab of soap to clean. If you have marble or stone, stick to the soap as acid can break down the seal on the stone. If there is a yucky mess or someone was recently sick, use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect and brighten any surface.


Regularly cleaning the toilet bowl makes it easier to do and can prevent unsightly stains. For routine cleaning, you can just pour ½ a cup of vinegar down the sides of the toilet bowl and then after 5-10 mins, scrub with a brush and flush. For tougher stains, we suggest using ½ cup of baking soda or ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide in place of the vinegar and letting it sit for 10 minutes before scrubbing with a brush and flushing. If you want to stick with a store bought toilet bowl cleaner, check out our recommendations.

Shower and Bathtub

There is nothing as bothersome as taking a shower or bath and noticing discoloration on the grout between your tile or some mildew or mold forming around the edges of your bathtub. To brighten up your grout, we suggest making a paste of 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide and then using an old toothbrush or other small cleaning brush to scrub. Wait 5-10 minutes and then rinse. Another easy way to get rid of mold or mildew is to spray undiluted white vinegar onto the problem areas, wait a couple of minutes and then rinse clean. You can also check out our bathroom cleaner recommendations for safe store bought options.

Faucets and Fixtures

Getting your faucets and fixtures squeaky clean and shiny really makes a difference in how clean the bathroom looks and feels. The easiest way to remove water spots is wipe them after each use so that water mineral deposits don’t have a chance to form. But, in reality, spots do form, so we suggest you use a simple solution of equal parts vinegar and water (like in our DIY all purpose cleaner), and firmly wipe with a rag to get everything spotless.


For a final touch, wipe down your mirror with a wet microfiber cloth. If you have some toothpaste splatter and tough water spots, use our DIY mirror and window cleaner or check out our safe recommended products.


If you often notice smells in your bathroom, instead of opting for an air freshener spray, try hiding a bowl of baking soda in the room. Baking soda absorbs smells. Or, check out our other suggestions to replace typical air fresheners.