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It’s true every piece of plastic is still around, but they might not look the same as when they started.

That’s because over time plastic breaks into smaller pieces we call microplastics. These pieces can be so small that they get through our water filtration systems or fish think they look like food. That means we as humans are then drinking or eating them, too. So, not only does plastic litter make our beautiful waterways look pretty junky, but it’s harming our health. Every time we remember to bring a reusable bags or bottle instead of getting a plastic one, we are making a difference in our own health the health of future generations. #plasticfreejuly #becausehealth #reducereuserecycle #reusablestraw #reusablebags #reusablebottle #byo #stopsucking #microplastic #plasticfree
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Mindful Monday ✨ Day 16 #PlasticFreeJuly | Yes it’s shocking isn’t it? In addition to the obvious that means every toothbrush your parents, grandparent, everyone you know (almost) has ever used back until the 1940s is still here! Stop for a second & think about all the extra plastic in your life now… your phone cover, in the kitchen, the pen on your desk, the car dashboard – even for most people the toilet seat! We can’t escape it & it’s getting worse. We can change it, but we have to start taking positive actions.