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Klean Up Kraft Petition

Add your name to get chemicals out of our mac and cheese

Not the beloved mac ‘n’ cheese! Sadly, it’s true. Researchers have found phthalates, a chemical often added to plastic to make it flexible, in your favorite comfort food. Yuck!

While our mac ‘n’ cheese isn’t the only way phthalates are getting into our bodies, it is still something we want to avoid. As phthalates get into our systems, they can cause problems like infertility, slow developmental growth, diabetes, and even asthma. So, we really do want to avoid them as much as we can so that we can keep our risk of getting any of these health problems as low as possible.

While Kraft isn’t the only company known to have traces of phthalates in their products, you can help start the process of big food companies investigating where the food is getting contaminated and removing these chemicals from their products by adding your name to this petition. Tens of thousands of people have already added their support. Show Kraft that you care, too. It only takes a few seconds, and you can add to the movement!

In the meantime, while Kraft is working to keep phthalates out, check out some of our favorite quick stove top mac and cheese recipes – for those days you just need some cheesy goodness! While we have your attention, skip the nonstick pan for these recipes if you can.

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