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Need to stock up on some zero-free and plastic-free lunch packing essentials?

Here are our favorites that should work for everything from a simple sandwich, to a huge salad, hot soup, snacks, fruit, and leftovers. Getting the right containers makes packing lunch so much easier. Trust us! a) Abeego Wax Wraps c) GreenLunch Bento Box c) JaceBox Stainless Steel Containers d) Cal Tiffin Stainless Steel Containers e) PlanetBox Lunch Box f) Stasher Bags g) To-go Ware Bamboo Utensils h) Pantry Essentials Baking Cups (perfect for dividing larger containers or packing dips like hummus and peanut butter) i) Smartplanet Collapsible Lunch Box j) Thermos Funtainer k) UKonserve Stainless Steel Containers
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