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Non-Toxic Sunscreen Sticks

Perfect for on-the-go sun protection!

Looking for the perfect sunscreen that’s also travel-friendly? Check out our favorite non-toxic sunscreen sticks! Sunscreen in our minds is synonymous with summer and being outside! But there are so many choices, it’s hard to know if what you’re getting is something that actually works and that you will like. Not to mention that there are some questionable chemicals in sunscreens that are definitely horrible for coral reefs and might be endocrine disruptors that are absorbed through your skin and have been found to circulate in your blood. We’d prefer to stick with mineral sunscreens that basically act like a physical barrier to harmful UV rays.

These picks are great as everyday body and sport sunscreens!


a) Babo Botanicals stick

b) Babybum mineral stick

c) Baby Babyganics stick

d) Coppertone Pure and Simple

e) All Good stick

f) Bare Republic stick

g) Thinksport, Thinkbaby stick

h) Suntegrity Sport sunscreen stick