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5 Tips for Always Remembering Your Reusable Bags

Never try to clumsily shove all your groceries in your backpack again

Are you one of those people who has a drawer full of reusable bags that you have collected over the years but never remembers to actually take them with you when you go out. It happens! We’ve been there. And, in an effort to become better about becoming those people who always have our bags with us, we’ve collected some helpful tips we thought we’d share with you all.

Bringing bags is about more than just being prepared and not having to pay that five cent charge for a plastic bag, it’s about reducing plastic pollution. Reducing plastic pollution is good for the world, and of course protects all of those ocean animals who might get stuck in them, but it’s also a big step for improving and protecting your own health. The more plastic we can keep out of circulation and out of the world, the more we are helping to stop plastics from breaking down into what are called microplastics (basically really tiny pieces of plastic, so small we can’t see them with our naked eyes) that can end up in the food chain and in our water supplies and eventually affect our health. So, here are 5 of our fave ways to basically act like a squirrel and stash bags everywhere.

The more you bring your bags, the easier it will be to remember them in the future. Chances are you will also learn which methods work best for you. I personally am the person who just like to leave bags hidden everywhere, but you might prefer to pull them out when you are planning.

While we love all the free bags we have collected from different events and stores, we also have realized the few bags we have purchased – including the ones from the grocery store, which are often less expensive than other brands – that look nicer or are easier to use or have a special features (like being insulated or folding into a pouch) are the ones that we use more often. So, if you’ve been eyeing a cool reusable bag, getting it might be just the push you need to help you remember to use your reusable bags more often. No matter what your bag looks like, once you start taking them with you all the time, it’ll become a habit. It might seem like a small step, but all of these small steps add up over time. One person bringing their reusable bag with them can stop at least 365 plastic bags from ending up in landfill each year(1). That adds up quickly!