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Simple Swap: Shower Curtains

an easy change that can make a big difference to your health

Remember when you last purchased a shower curtain and it smelled “plastic-y” after you removed the curtain from its packaging? Maybe it still smells plastic-y now in your bathroom every time it’s hot and steamy. Well, those curtains are actually releasing toxic chemicals and you are smelling them! With a simple swap, you can avoid all these yucky-chemicals and ensure that your shower is a safe and relaxing place to be in!

A lot of clear, plastic-y shower curtains (sometimes with adorable fish or patterns on them) that we’re talking about are made out of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. These curtains, when heated up during your shower, release a whole host of toxic chemicals like phthalates and VOCs that can damage the liver, central nervous system, respiratory system, and reproductive system.

When you’re purchasing a new shower curtain, look for curtains that are not made of PVC. Some better alternatives are polyester, PEVA, EVA, or natural materials like cotton or linen with a safe liner. These materials are safer for your super steamy showers! Below are a round-up of our favorite budget-friendly and health-friendly shower curtains.