14 Essentials for Packing a Plastic Free Lunch

14 Essentials for Packing a Plastic Free Lunch

As many of us are headed back to the office, it’s time to get ready to start getting creative when it comes to packing lunches. Getting takeout for lunch every now and then is great, but it’s expensive and there’s just so much trash generated!...

4 facts about takeout containers that might motivate you to pack your own plastic-free lunch or dine-in 1) In a world of imperfect options, paper and plastic containers marked compostable are a safer choice.

Foil containers are also relatively safer. 2) The next best options are plastic containers that are recyclable and marked with the number 2 or the number 5. These plastics are safer and are usually recyclable in most places. 3) Styrofoam is bad. Try to stay away. It...

Sushi night!

Before you start ordering and getting all the spicy tuna rolls, check out how heavy metals like mercury can affect your health. Try some rolls full of crab or covered in salmon instead like a spider roll or salmon nigiri.⠀