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Thanks everyone for coming out to our launch party last week!

Stay tuned for what’s to come. We have great posts in the pipeline about nail polish, baking, and crib mattresses.

Congrats to our raffle winners and thanks to all the wonder brands that donated our favorite non-toxic products, food, and drinks. @wholefoodsnorcal @lagunitasbeer@biritesf @rainbow_grocery @beeswrap@rubberduckyhawaii @ellyluorganics@kiddofeedo @weesproutco@trukid_skincare @mollys_suds@avanchyshop @thistleco @charlies_soap@imperfectproduce @kidskonserve@corkcicle @biokleenhome@betterlifecleanhappens @rejuvaminerals@sustain @glassdharma

Special thanks for these photos! @annie.nyborg