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Do Those Recycling Codes Mean Anything?

Actually yes, and they can tell you quite a lot

You know how you can flip over a yogurt container (or really any container) and see that little recycle triangle? Well, if you look even closer, there is an even tinier number inside that triangle. You might think those numbers are just for the people at the recycling plant, but if you know what to look for, they can actually tell you quite a lot.

Each of those numbers tells you what type of plastic was used to make the packaging (yes, there is more than one type of plastic, crazy we know!). If you know what material was used to make the plastic, it can actually give you a hint about how healthy the plastic is for you. But, we don’t expect you to do that research or know it all off the top of your head, so to help you out, we put together this handy reference chart. It explains what each number means, and breaks it down very clearly to say if that plastic is considered safe or not. So, now you can check the leftover yogurt container and decide if you want to use it as an extra tupperware or just recycle that one.