Toxic Heavy Metals in Baby Food

Toxic Heavy Metals in Baby Food

Last week, a subcommittee of the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform announced it found that ingredients in many baby foods are contaminated with heavy metals like arsenic, lead and cadmium. Through testing loopholes and lax regulation, multi-billion dollar companies are not being held accountable by our government and withhold information about whether their products potentially threaten the health of our children.

New Study: Prop 65 Litigation Cases Result in Dramatic Reduction in Lead Content of Candy and Purses

Findings undermine effort by the chemical industry and Congress to eliminate state right-to-know laws  For Immediate Release: March 26, 2019 Contact: Caroline Cox, CEH, 541-654-2626,, Zack Kaldveer, CEH, 510-938-2664, A just-released...

Lead found in many purses, bags, and wallets

Stephanie M. Lee July 11, 2012 Passing a store window display, you pause to admire a faux-leather purse whose bright-yellow hue would go perfectly with your outfit. But along the bag’s strap or in the heart of the lining, lead may be lurking. That’s what...